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Creating & Managing Event Ideas

For the business account users only

An Event Idea is a pre-crafted event template that can be booked by someone with just a few clicks. Typical use cases involve standard experience package, e.g. a group boat cruise, or a group dining event with a pre-set menu, or a music lesson etc.

An event idea is created by the event provider and published for anyone to browse and book. Event idea contains the standard description of the offered experience/service, any additional options offered (possibly at an extra cost), per-person price (ticket price) for the event and the minimum/maximum number of people allowed. Additional conditions/policies can also be specified.

Create an Event Idea

Event idea can be created from your business dashboard, from the Ideas tab. You must be logged in as an Event Coordinator or a higher role into the business account.

See the following articles for more details:

Book an Event Idea

Once an event idea is published, it can be viewed and booked by anyone. You can share/promote direct links to an event idea. People can discover event ideas listed on your business landing page and on Konnectclub Ideas section.

To book an idea, one must click the Book button and then provide the required information – such as the date/time and the title. Once the event has been created, it an be further edited to have new picture etc.

Approve an Event Booking

When a booking is placed, you, the event provider (owning business account) will be notified. Each booking must be approved by the event provider before the event gets published and payment can be processed at the event.

Make sure to review date/time to avoid double booking. The requester might make additional requests in the comments section. If you are not able to accommodate the booking, you can simply reject it.

Updated on November 10, 2021

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