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Posting on an Event Chatboard

There are many options to communicate with others using the event chatboard. You can post pictures, select specific visibility for your post, assign levels of importance, create a poll, and use @ mentions. 

Posting Pictures


  1. Clicking on the camera icon allows you to post pictures on the event page. After selecting the camera icon, you can either take a new picture with your phone or choose from your photo library. 

Selecting Visibility


  1. You can select the privacy of your post by clicking on the eye icon from the chatboard. 

Assigning level of Importance


  1. Only the host of the event can assign a level of importance to posts. Assigning a level of importance can be done by selecting the exclamation icon from the chatboard. 

Creating a Poll




  1. Creating a poll on the chatboard is a great way to gather the opinions/feedback of (your) others/audience prior to an event.

Using @ Mentions

  1. You can @mentions on the chatboard to draw another member’s attention to a conversation or message. 
  2. To mention someone, you can start by typing the @ character — after which a popup menu will appear with a list of names. Typing the first few letters of a name  — will then only show the matching results. 

Updated on October 11, 2021

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