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Creating & Hosting a Virtual Event

Konnectclub platform provides built-in support for streaming virtual events. You can reach a large online audience anywhere in the world and offer them a high-quality exclusive virtual experience. Unlike public streaming platforms, Konnectclub delivers your media content only to your paying customers who purchase tickets to your events. With few quick settings you can enable streaming for your events at no extra cost.

Konnectclub supports Online, In-Person and Hybrid event formats. To enable streaming, your event format must be either Online or Hybrid.

Select a Streaming Mode

For existing events, click Edit to go to event settings form. If you are creating a new event, you are already on this form before you hit Save.

You must log in to your business account with the Event Coordinator role or above to be able to edit event settings. Event hosts cannot modify event settings.

Scroll down to find the Streaming Mode setting. Select one of the available options below based on your requirements:

Interactive Live Streaming | 720p

Select this option for ultra-low latency real-time HD broadcast with live instant interaction between the presenter and the audience. You will go live using your web browser, no other software required.

This is the simplest streaming mode to use without requiring any in-depth technical knowledge.

Standard (RTMP) Live Streaming | 1080p

Select this option for Full HD resolution, better network resiliency, advanced set-up and for non-interactive scenarios. You must use a streaming software, such as OBS Studio, with a stream key to publish your feed. RTMP streaming has a latency of 25 – 40 seconds.

This is suitable for studio productions, multi-camera setup or hybrid events, and where direct interaction between the presenter and the online audience is NOT needed.

Pre-recorded Video Streaming | 1080p

Select this option if you are planning to stream pre-recorded content. You will be able to upload the video ahead of time and the video will automatically start streaming on the scheduled date/time of your event. Your video will automatically start streaming at the scheduled date/time of your event.

Not Enabled

Select this option to disable streaming on the event, such as, for an in-person event without any online audience.

Streaming mode of an event cannot be changed past 24 hours prior to the event. Please give yourself plenty of time to update this setting beforehand and test your tech set-up thoroughly before the day of live production.

Once the streaming mode is turned on, your customers will see it indicated on the public event page. On the schedule date and time of your event, your customers will be able to view it directly on your event page. There is no additional software or download required.

Learn more about the virtual experience that your customers will see

Review Additional Settings

Once an event is enabled for streaming, you can also activate few additional related features:

Enable Recording

If enabled, a recording of the show will be available for subsequent on-demand viewing. Viewers would still need a ticket code to view the recording. If they have already purchased a ticket for the event, the same ticket would grant them access to the recording for 24 hours from the time they first use their ticket code. If they didn’t purchase a ticket before, they can purchase one as well while the recording is available.

Enable Tip Jar

If enabled, a Tip button will be displayed during the live-stream and video-on-demand playbacks. Your viewers will be able to make impromptu tip payment on the screen without leaving the virtual performance.

Enable Extended VOD

If enabled, the event recording can be made available as a video-on-demand (VOD) option for up to 365 days following the event. You can select the desired number of days from the options presented.

Test Your Streaming Setup

When the streaming mode is enabled and related technical setup is performed, we recommend that you use the available Test Mode to do thorough end-to-end testing. When using the Test Mode, your streaming activity remains private. Use Test Mode to gain familiarity with various controls and capabilities, as well as, validate your A/V and network set-up.

You must log in as an event host or an account team member to use the Test Mode.

Publish & View Test Feed

On the event page, click the Test button to see the options to either present or watch the feed. We recommend doing both at the same time in two separate browser windows or, if possible, on two different computers/devices.

Test as a Publisher
For Interactive Streaming mode, click the Present to launch the virtual stage in test mode directly from your web-browser. Publish your feed to watch it from the viewer side.

For RTMP Streaming mode, click the Present button to bring up the RTMP settings screen. Copy the test stream key and RTMP server URL and enter them into your favorite streaming software (a.k.a Encoder), such as OBS Studio. Once you start streaming, the feed will appear on the viewer side in 25-40 seconds.

For Pre-Recorded Video Streaming mode, you just need to upload a video. No further action is needed.
Test as a Viewer
Click the Watch button. The screen will convert to a feed viewer. It will indicate that no presentation has started yet. Once you publish a test feed, it will automatically connect and start showing the feed. For pre-recorded video streaming mode, the video will start right away.

Create Test Mode Recording

This functionality is only available in the Interactive Streaming mode

You can record your test mode sessions and playback locally. This could be useful for you to quickly test your A/V set up before the live concert. You can check various camera angles, sound quality, gain settings, positioning of mic and other configurations of your set-up using this.

To create a recording, go to TestPresent Publish (as usual for testing) and then click the Record button from the top control panel. While the recording is in progress, the button will indicate so. When you are done, press the red Record button again to stop recording and the recorded video will open in a separate tab immediately for you to view.


Make sure to stop the recording by clicking the Record button again. Do NOT end your live session before that. If you do so, you will not have access to the recording and will have to do a new recording.

Recorded video will appear as a light-box on top of your publisher stage. You can watch the video right away and, when done, dismiss the video by click the X button. if you wish to preserve the video and watch later, click the Open Fullscreen button instead.

Test Mode Recording functionality is only available in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on PC and Mac.

Use OBS Studio

See step-by-step instructions to set up your OBS Studio

Manage Event Video

If you enabled Automatic Recording and/or the Extended VOD features for your event, the video will be available for you to watch or download after the event. Click Manage and then click Play or Download. You can access these features as long as the video-on-demand remains available (minimum 24 hours, but longer depending on your Extended VOD setting).

The download option is only available to you, your viewers are not permitted download video.

If you wish to upload a new version of the video to replace the current one, you can do so by clicking the Manage button, then switching to the Upload tab and then clicking Replace Video.

Please note the enforced limit on number of re-uploads allowed per month per account. Once your account has reached the limit, you will not be able to upload replacement videos until the next month.

Web Browser Support

Konnectclub streaming platform is supported on a wide range of modern web browsers and devices. Please see below for a complete list.

For publishers, we recommend using Google Chrome both on Windows and on macOS. Please make sure your browser version is up-to-date and there is no update pending. We do not recommend using iOS device or Android device for publishing event-quality live-streams. 


Google Chrome for Windows and macOS (latest release version)

Google Chrome for Android (latest release version)

Google Chrome on iOS is not supported for publishing live-stream. We recommend using a Mac or a PC for publishing your live-stream reliably.


Microsoft Edge Chromium on Window (version 79+)

Internet Explorer 11 and Non-Chromium Edge versions are not supported


Firefox (latest release version)

Firefox for Android (latest release version)


Safari on macOS (latest version, 12.1+) 

Screen sharing is only supported on Safari 13+ on macOS. External microphones may not work reliably. 

Safari on iOS 12.2+ (latest version) 

Screen sharing is not supported on Safari iOS. External microphones may not be recognized as an audio source.

Device Recommendation

A wide variety of USB microphones and cameras can be used for live-streaming on Konnectclub platform. We recommend using a PC or Mac for publishing a live-streaming session. Live streaming from a phone, tablet or a mobile device is not recommended

In the order of priority, we recommend that you consider having –

  1. Good internet connection with at least 4 Mbps uninterrupted upload bandwidth. As a rule of thumb, your internet service must be rated at least twice of the required upload bandwidth. Internet speed test tools are not true indicators of the rated speed as they are testing your network for a very short period.  Additionally, we do NOT recommend WiFi connections. Please use a hardwired Ethernet connection whenever possible. 
  2. A professional quality stereo USB microphone (example: Zoom H2nBlue Yeti)
  3. A good quality low-noise HD camera (example: Logitech Brio webcam)
  4. Good ambient or additional lighting
Updated on November 11, 2021

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