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Using RTMP Live Streaming

If you selected Standard (RTMP) Live Streaming as your streaming mode, then you must use an RTMP encoder software to go live. This can be a software that you install on your computer (ex. OBS Studio) or a service that you use (ex. Switcher Studio).

In order to start streaming, you will need to obtain the RTMP server address (URL) and a unique stream key from your Konnectclub account and enter that into your streaming software. Depending on the setup of the software you are using, you might be creating a connection or a streaming profile to save the info.

A stream key is a confidential information that must be protected like a password. If you think any of your stream keys has been compromised, contact support immediately and request a reset of the key.

Test Before Event

Once you enable RTMP streaming for an event, you can immediately start testing in the Test Mode. To access your stream settings click TestPresent and make sure that you are on the TEST tab. Copy all the required info as highlighted below.

There is a monthly quota of 30 minutes of testing available to each account. You can see the amount of test minutes remaining at the bottom of the settings screen. Once you have used up your available minutes, the test stream key will be disabled until the beginning of next month.

Go Live During Event

To go live during the event, you must use the Production Stream Key provided to you. To access stream settings, click ConnectPresent and make sure that you are on the CONNECT tab. This stream key is generated 24 hours before the event, and it will only accept the RTMP feed starting from one hour before the event, up until three hours after the event.

If you are using OBS Studio, see this article for specific steps

Join Watch Party

You can tune into the live session, also dubbed as a Watch Party, alongside your viewers. To do so, click ConnectWatch during the event. Live session allows participants (including you) to share instant reactions (e.g. clap, cheer, comment etc). You will see the number of live viewers watching at any moment.

RTMP viewers will typically lag by 25-40 seconds behind the source, but most viewers will be synchronized with each other within a ±5 seconds window. If your scenario requires real-time streaming, please consider the Interactive Streaming mode instead.

Updated on November 5, 2021

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